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decided that the defence of the frontier abutting on the Mussal-
man territory should be entrusted to Caudapa and Bhadrapa.
He summoned them to the durbar, and having informed them
of the contemplated Muhammadan invasion said : " We invest
you with all the powers of the lords of the marches to protect
the frontier exposed to Muhammadan attacks stationing your-
selves at Candragutti and Keladi. We grant you the eight
magams of Keladi, Ikkeri, Perbayal, Elagalale...IVlodur, Kelise
and Latavadi, as &jaglr which may be held by you and your
descendants for ever rendering help to us. Krsnaraya then
granted them a charter and conferred upon them the royal
privileges and insignia. He also declared that Caudapa should
thenceforward be styled as ' Caudapa of the Keladi-mula*
samsthanaS Then he sent them to their posts with an army
consisting of elephants, horses and infantry. The brothers
who were greatly pleased by the special honour shown to
them departed to Ikkeri where Caudapa formally installed
himself as chief on Magha su. 3 of the year Siddharthi corres-
ponding to S. S. 1422.*
Keladinrpavijayam, Canto 1, pp. 21-6,
Kr§naraya was crowned king of Vijayanagara on the
throne set with nine gems in the month of Caitra in Raktaksi,
Saka 1426 and protected the kingdom jointly along with his
younger brothers Acyutaraya and Rangaraya and his
minister. He organised a mint under the name Kr§$amurti,
made an endowment in it for Ranganayaka, then renovated
the Vijayanagara fort, constructed the forts of Penukottai and
Candragiri, gathered a large army besides many elephants
and horses, and with a view to acquire dominions went to the
Dravi^a country, took possession of the forts of Kanci, Jinji,
and Velur, strengthened the fort of Velur, and having placed
his men and princes in it, was protecting the kingdom justly.
* This date is equivalent to January 8, A. D. 1500. If Ca.u«Japa's installation took
pkce en this date, the Raya at whose instance he asuuned charge of Ikkeri could not have
been KjjnadfvarSya.